'Permission Granted' is written by Mark London Sims and played trio with Joe Caploe and Leonice Shinneman.

Music Should Change Instantaneously

Derrick Conyers: Vocals,Trumpet
Leonice Shinneman: Tabla,
Blair Sherrill: Drums
Mark London Sims: Bass, Guitar, Fender 

Rhodes, Keyboards, Percussion, Drum Machine, Background Vocals and Voice.

Music Should Change Instantaneously is on 'Limited Expression' by Mark London Sims.

Ready To Order

Mark Nauseef - drums
Leonice Shinneman - African drumset, vibes
Miroslav Tadic - guitar, last solo
David Torn - effected guitar
Mark London Sims - fretless bass guitar

Ready to Order is on 'Tamna Voda' by Dark.


Andy Strasmich - flute
Joe Caploe - vibes
Rob Block - piano
Leonice Shinneman - drums
Mark London Sims - bass guitar

Jennifer is on 'All In' by Neck N Neck.

No Space For Space

Jan Cherry - violin
Ralph Jones - bass clarinet
David Ornette Cherry - piano
John L. Price - percussion
Mark London Sims - Pedulla fretless bass guitar

No Space For Space is on 'Electronic Garage' by the Beyond Video Group and on 'All In' by Neck N Neck.