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Mark London Sims uses

Lakland Basses

Lakland basses can give whatever tone your heart desires.

I can get whatever sound I want out of my Laklands. They are built strong, yet responsive to the touch. It's the only bass you'll ever need.

Aguilar Amplification

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; Power is in Aguilar Amplification. This gear makes you feel like "I'm running things now!"

Jan-Al Cases

Jan came through on the cases. Ready to hit the road.

D'Addario Strings

They are the very consistent from string to string and set to set. MLS prefers EPS165SL's.

Franklin Straps

I have tried other straps. This one feels like you ain't wearing anything.

Roland Digital Keyboards

Roland keyboards are intuitive, easy to use. You can feel free to get as funky as you want.