"His pants are loose but his playing is tight." - A Beat fan from Newcastle, England

Don Cherry

A Nana Vasconcelos composition performed by Don Cherry with The Beyond Video Group on his MultiKulti album. John L. Price - Electronic Drum programming, David Ornette Cherry - Keyboard, Mark London Sims on Bass. 


Mark London Sims -  Strange Groove Picnic,  Limited Expression  

Dark -  Dark,  Tamna Voda   

Don Cherry -  Multikulti  

Nels Cline Trio -  Silencer,  Lady Speed Stick Beardism/WDTCHC   

Neck N Neck -  Hearsay,  All In 

The Untouchables -  Ghetto Stout,  Free Yourself - Ska Hits The Specials vs. The Untouchables (Ska’s Greatest Stars)   

Key Frances Band -  Friday Night Road Trip,  Rough & Raw     

Ben Harper -  Like a King, Whipping Boy Best of Mountain Stage Vol. 7     The Eels -  Beautiful Day     

David Torn -  David Torn Collection     

Wally Brill -  The Covenant     

Jerri Jheto -  Let the People Decide   

Sonja Marie -  Five Years: Live at the Temple Bar   

Kaliband -  Son of an Oracle, If You Really Want to   

Beyond Video Group -  Electronic Garage: African-American Grooves for the Common Man  

Naomi Louise Warne -  Bermagui, Solu Khumbu, Songs of Johnny Mandel   Red Hill Quartet -  Red Hill, Echo Park, Analog Man   

Rocky Dawuni -  Branches of the Same Tree, Beats of Zion       

Ben Harper covering a Peter Tosh song, 'You Can't Blame the Youth.' Rock Deadrick on drums, Leon Mobley on percussion, Mark London Sims on bass.

Nels Cline Trio

The track is 'Lucile's Trip' by Nels Cline, from the Nels Cline Trio album, Silencer, with Mark London Sims on bass and drummer Michael Preussner. 


'Trilok 'is the first track on the Tamna Voda album by the group, Dark. Indian violin virtuoso L. Shankar is a featured guest artist along with guitarist David Torn.

The Spectator

This track is from the album 'Dark ' by the group, Dark. The voice is Catherine Guard. Drums by Mark Nauseef. Poem written by and Bass and Synths performed by Mark London Sims.