Sounds and Video

Redemption Sevenfold playing "Dem Belly Full" with a guest appearance from the 'Godpoppa of Reggae Music, the late great Joe HIggs.' Mark London Sims on bass.

Ben Harper covering a Peter Tosh song, 'You Can't Blame the Youth.' Rock Deadrick on drums, Leon Mobley on percussion, Mark London Sims on bass.

Jacquelyn Levy intro duet with Mark London Sims on Pedulla Fretless Bass.

The track is 'Lucile's Trip' by Nels Cline, from the Nels Cline Trio album, Silencer, with Mark London Sims on bass and drummer Michael Preussner. 

A trombone solo from ITimothy Moynahan on the song 'Whiplash' by The Untouchables. Mark London Sims on bass.

The English Beat in Perth, Scotland participating in the BBC's Biggest Weekend.

Bass solo at Worldfest in Grass Valley, California.

African Music and Dance

Zadonu African Music and Dance Company led by Kobla Ladzekpo featuring his daughter, dancer Yeko Ladzekpo-Cole performing 'Adzogbo' for the 'Africa meets North America' conference at UCLA. Mark London Sims is second from the right playing Axatse (shaker) and Gankogui (bell).